The Keller Center is grateful to the following supporters who help to realize the long-term vision of the center:

Dennis J. Keller '63 and Constance Templeton Keller to endow the Keller Center; the gift will support and strengthen programs that will enable future generations of students to become leaders in a technological society.

Anonymous, Dennis J. Keller '63, Peter Kellner '91, and Ed Zschau '61 to endow the James Wei Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship.

Robert Bremmer ’07 and Matthew Collins ’09 to establish the Bremmer/Collins Fund for Innovation and Entrepreneurship which supports students participating in entrepreneurial programs and projects including,  eLab Program and internships, or to foster innovative research among undergraduate students.

Jeff Drazan '80 to establish the Alumni Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education, which supports group projects conducted by students in engineering and applied science.

Drinker, Biddle & Reath for their support of the Keller Center Venture Sponsors Program.

James C. Gerber '82 to establish the Fund for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which will provide support of entrepreneurship programs. 

Daniel P. Haerther '47 Charitable Trust to establish the Fund for Excellence in Engineering Education to support faculty members who present compelling proposals for new courses or programs designed to promote an understanding of engineering among liberal arts students.

William G. Hamilton '58, and G. Frederick Perkins Jr. '58 to establish the Norman D. Kurtz '58 Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education (which is in addition to contributions from Mrs. Norman D. Kurtz, Peter and Fern Nadel P88, Irwin W. Silverberg '58, and Dr. Garrett J. Thrasher '58 to endow the Norman D. Kurtz '58 Scholarship Fund); the Kurtz Fund supports students who are pursuing projects that offer exposure to engineering applications outside the classroom.

Bob Hariri for the Keller Center's eLab Program.

Alexander Klabin '98 and Douglas Silverman '00 for students pursuing social entrepreneurship ventures.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for investigating solutions at the intersection of U.S. healthcare and entrepreneurship.

Mark Jung '82 for support of the Keller Center's entrepreneurship programs, including the Keller Center's eLab Program.

Peter Kellner '91 for the Keller Center's eLab Program.

Michael L. Lerch '93 Fund established to support innovation and international collaboration for student engineering projects outside of the classroom.

George J. Lichtblau '60 *61 for the Keller Center's highest priorities.

Tyrone Pike ’77 to support design-thinking courses. 

PSE&G Foundation in support of Engineers Without Borders.

Kimberly Ritrievi '80 to establish the Kimberly E. Ritrievi '80 Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education, which supports excellence in engineering education.

Gordon P. Ritter '86 and Amy J. Metzler Ritter for Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship.

Karl F. Rugart ’45 to establish the Karl F. Rugart M.D. ’45 Fund for Innovation in Service, which supports students engaged in innovative research and projects that use science and engineering to improve lives around the world.

Jack Selby '41 to endow the Fund for Curriculum Innovation in Technology to support the development and implementation of new courses and teaching methods that combine technology and liberal arts to benefit both engineers and liberal arts students.

Ramsey D. Smith '90 and Sabrina McLaughlin Smith '91 for their support of students participating in the Keller Center's eLab Program, especially those from underrepresented communities.

Wiss & Company, LLP, for their support of the Keller Center Venture Sponsors. 

Eugene Wong '55 *59 to establish the Eugene Wong '55 Fund for Engineering and Policy, which supports engineering students who are pursuing projects or internships that combine engineering and policy.