Design Workshop 1

Turn the world upside down: Design change and design thinking

Other: Food will be provided.

Humans love to solve problems. We see this in what seems like the everyday progress of technology, from a telegram to a tweet, from all those cassette mix-tapes we now keep in a shoebox to cloud storing so much more. But the world is rife with a set of challenges so intractable that they resist not just all manner of solution, but even being wholly grasped to begin.  These are challenges of poverty, sustainability, equality, access to natural resources, health and wellness – how to feed a country during a drought, how to teach children amidst the upheaval of war, how to combat climate change.

These are wicked problems. This workshop is a practical approach to identifying and addressing such problems. We will begin by sorting out what makes a problem wicked or merely ordinary. We will examine examples given to us across different times and different places, which like us here today also address wicked problems.

Having established a shared sense of such problems, we will work together as a group and later in smaller breakout teams to develop approaches to more fully discover a problem and create scenarios with which we begin to create pathways toward a solution.

This workshop endeavors to introduce what makes wicked problems so unique and so daunting, and offer first steps in addressing these through collaboration, iteration, and empathy. 

Current Princeton students and postdocs are eligible to register for this event.


Frank Romagosa is a strategist, a planner and an anthropologist. The trio is about making an impact on what brands try to accomplish and on how businesses operate. This is always about people-centered processes and about customer engagement. It is about knowing how to build and create experiences that are tangible and digital. Frank is passionate about the interaction of between people and brands, about simple and clear storytelling, and about crafting insight-driven strategies that improve and transform people’s everyday lives.

He has also loves teaching, taking a few years to teach at Princeton and at Parsons School of Design.

Clients include Intel, CitiCards, Nike+, Hewlett-Packard, LG Electronics, Coke Zero, Pfizer, Gardasil, Nicorette, and Johnson & Johnson.

He holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Chicago and an AB from Princeton University.