Jon Hanke *99

Office Hours

Jonathan Hanke is a Consulting Mathematician, Data Scientist, and Entrepreneur with a background in algorithms, finance and software development.   He has over 20 years of experience mentoring students and using computers to provide novel solutions to difficult problems.  Most recently Jonathan taught a Fall 2015 freshman seminar on “Secrecy, Search and Society” exploring the social impact of mathematics and technology on our modern world, and worked as a Senior Data Scientist at the Metis Data Science Bootcamp in NYC teaching the core technologies of machine learning, project design, data management, cloud computing and web development (e.g. Python, Github, SQL, MongoDB, Flask, HTML, Javascript and D3).  He has contributed extensively to the open-source SAGE computer algebra system and enjoys using the latest technologies to create a more productive world.  

Since receiving his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Princeton University, Jonathan has lectured internationally and taught at Princeton, Duke, Rutgers, and the University of Georgia, and his work has been recognized on the recent 2014 Fields Medal Prize of Manjul Bhargava.  He also serves as a Trustee for the PROMYS Foundation and has started a non-profit to improve the quality of mathematics education for low-income students.  His students have gone on to successful careers in academia, cryptography, data science, entrepreneurship and consulting. 

All appointments must be scheduled through Princeton's Web Appointment Scheduling System. Any inquiries may be sent to Stephanie Landers at or call (609) 258-3979.