Tiger Challenge

Creating societal impact by innovating in partnership with communities.
The Tiger Challenge is a multi-year, multi-disciplinary program at Princeton University. In small teams, students work with partner communities to develop lasting innovations and the joint-capacity to address seemingly intractable societal issues, such as affordable housing and adolescent mental health. The program is grounded in design thinking, a methodology that unlocks empathy, creativity, collaboration and open-mindedness. This is not a competition or course; every Tiger Challenge team is highly supported throughout, receiving the training, mentorship, space and resources necessary to do this crucial work well.


The Keller Center is now accepting applications for the next cohort of the Tiger Challenge. This is a full-time fellowship this summer from 6/12/17 to 8/18/17, and part-time from 9/13/17 to 5/13/17.  Teams of 4-5 will tackle the following challenges:

  1. How might we design a better way to measure pulse and blood-oxygen levels in infants?
  2. How might we help eliminate new cases of lead poisoning in Trenton, NJ?
  3. How might we help Princeton Municipality design a more participative and effective climate action planning process?
  4. How might we help more refugees in NYC begin stable and fulfilling careers?
  5. Propose your own challenge!


Download the brochure for lots more information about this program and these challenges. All majors and years eligible. Apply here by March 12th.


Want to get involved as a participant, mentor or partner organization? Email Rafe

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