Ads on Top


Ads on Top places removable advertisements on the roofs of sharing economy vehicles. We allow drivers to earn extra income while they deliver food, people, and things. We work with major brands to place ads on top of cars like Ubers, Lyfts, DoorDash, Postmates and TaskRabbit cars.
  • Abhinav Khanna.jpg

    Abhinav Khanna '16

    Abhi is a senior in the computer science department at Princeton University. He is currently working on Sentiment Analysis with Professor Christiane Fellbaum and is a member of the Cricket Club at Princeton.

    Program: 2015-2016 eLab Incubator

  • zachary_knowles_small.jpg

    Zachary Knowles '17

    Zachary is a rising senior at Princeton University majoring in computer science (BSE). He is interested in web and mobile development and has worked on a number of projects in both areas. When not working in the eHub, Zachary's hobbies include working out, playing basketball and browsing the Internet.

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • David Pal Yqcxhw4.jpg

    David Pal

    David finished his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton this past year. In addition to Ads on Top, David helps students whose families have been affected by cancer by giving scholarships through his organization, Marna's Pals. David received his BS from Rutgers in Biomedical Engineering. 

    Program: 2015-2016 eLab Incubator, 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • neeta.jpg

    Neeta Patel '16

    Neeta Patel is a recent graduate of Princeton University, where she majored in the Visual Arts, with focuses on graphic design and computing. She hopes to continue pursuing her passions as a designer-artist in the years to come. Neeta has been a student associate for the Keller Center for a number of years, and is excited to continue being a part of the team for her last summer in Princeton. When not busy at the eHub, Neeta enjoys long distance running, coffee, and reading.

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • david_sahar_small.jpg

    David Sahar '17

    David is a senior at Princeton University excited by the intersection of Business and Technology. He spent last fall organizing an international conference at the Manhattan Grand Hyatt, which focused on market disruption from multiple industrial perspectives. In addition to his work with Ads on Top, David will spend his summer volunteering at a Syrian refugee camp, composing a string quartet, and playing soccer with friends.

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • portrait_david_z.jpg

    David Zhao '17

    David is a rising senior studying computer science at Princeton University. He likes street food, feature journalism, and sociology. 

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator