Agitators for Humanity


Mosquitoes spread deadly diseases like malaria, which affects millions in poor countries. Unfortunately, existing mosquito control is costly and by far, ineffective. Mosquito larvae grow in stagnant water. Thus, devices that use solar energy, are cheap, and are effective at agitating water are potent mosquito control devices. The water is no longer stagnant, thereby killing larvae before they become mosquitoes. The goal is to provide those in developing nations a cheap, safe, eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy alternative for mosquito control. The three devices are solar powered, cost-effective (<$2.00), and create minimal sound. They are safe as they do not produce or use any chemicals. They are long lasting and sustainable.

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    Ananya Joshi '19

    Ananya is an undergraduate pursuing a degree in Computer Science and certificates in Engineering and Management and Technology and Society. She is highly interested in humanitarian design and is excited about the combination of engineering, service, and innovation. She enjoys playing tennis and researching in this field.

    Program: 2015-2016 eLab Incubator, 2016-2017 eLab Incubator