BoxPower provides innovative infrastructural solutions to off-grid and under-served markets worldwide. Our first product is a hybrid microgrid self-contained in a 20 ft. shipping container, which can be easily and affordably transported nearly anywhere in the world to provide reliable electricity. It includes a 36 panel solar array, wind turbine on a tilt-up tower, back-up diesel fuel generator, and battery bank for energy storage. Our patent pending intelligent energy management system optimizes system performance, energy load allocations, and fuel delivery to ensure reliable and low-cost energy. BoxPower can be set up in a single day without the need for specialized tools or equipment, and multiple units can seamlessly interface to meet energy demands of any size. A single BoxPower system can provide enough energy for 10-15 off-grid homes, serve commercial customers such as rural medical centers of cellular tower operators, or power small industrial operations like agricultural processing or mining. BoxPower has already raised over $100,000 in early stage funding, so that we can build, test, and deploy our first system.
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    Alexander Asante '19

    Alexander is a student at Princeton University pursuing a major in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in energy systems and the environment and a certificate in the Applications of Computing. He is a member of the African Collective of Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Technologists (ACEIT) at Princeton and is interested in the interface between technology and entrepreneurship. He loves programming and working with electronics and is very passionate about issues relating to rural electrification especially in sub-Saharan Africa.   He is a student leader at the Davis International center and currently the technology chair of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

    Program: 2017 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Angelo Campus '16

    Angelo Campus is recent graduate of Princeton University where he studied Technological Development. As a freshman, Angelo began designing self-contained renewable energy systems for disaster relief. His initial design and prototype won $90,000 at the Environmental Protection Agency’s P3 Sustainable Design Expo in Washington DC. After his sophomore year, Angelo spent a year living in an off-grid community in Polynesia to learn first-hand about the social implications and challenges of rural electrification. Upon his return to Princeton, Angelo designed his major – Technological Development – to provide himself with the specific skills, resources, and freedom necessary to create BoxPower. Angelo’s junior independent work focused on the technical analysis and social implications of rural electrification, and his senior thesis analyzes BoxPower’s technical, cultural, and economic impact in the Navajo Nation. Angelo continues his work with BoxPower post-graduation, and plans to make the empowerment of rural populations his life’s mission.

    Program: 2015-2016 eLab Incubator

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    Nicholas Horvath '17

    Nicholas Horvath was born in New York City and grew up outside of Denver, Colorado. As a high school student, he became involved in various state and local election campaigns, gaining expertise in fundraising and grassroots organizing and leading him to defer admission to Princeton by a year in order to work as a Field Organizer in a nationally targeted Congressional election and later as a legislative aide to the State Senate Majority Leader during the Colorado General Assembly's 2013 session. At Princeton, he served as member and clerk of the Academic Honor Committee before becoming president of the University's historic Terrace.

    Program: 2017 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • Adam Locher '17

    I'm an artist from Houston, Texas. I like making diagrams and art that crosses mediums in unexpected ways in my personal art. I'm going to spend the summer applying my design experience to BoxPower, who I worked for briefly last year as well in the same capacity.


    Program: 2017 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Aaron Schwartz '17

    Aaron is a senior in the Operations Research and Financial Engineering department at Princeton University. Before arriving at Princeton, Aaron participated in a nine-month gap year in Urubamba, Peru, as part of the Princeton Bridge Year Program, where he worked on rural development projects in off-grid communities and gained an interest in sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. Aaron has served as Co-President of Princeton University’s Engineers Without Borders chapter, where he developed the chapter’s strategic vision, oversaw three international development projects, and managed a budget of over $80,000. Aaron has also served as Co-Director of Princeton’s Sustainable Engineering and Development Scholars program. Last summer, Aaron participated in the Keller Center's inaugural Princeton Start-Up Immersion Program and gained business development experience working for Compit, a high-growth real estate tech start-up.

    Program: 2015-2016 eLab Incubator, 2016-2017 eLab Incubator

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    Douglas Wallack '16

    Doug Wallack is a graduate of the Princeton Class of 2016. He concentrated in History with a certificate in South Asian Studies. Doug’s professional experience mainly relates to journalism and the media. He has worked as an editorial assistant for Forbes India, Frommer’s Travel Guides, and Mental Floss and is currently a writer for Princeton Magazine. Before joining BoxPower as a fundraising and communications specialist, he worked with the organization to craft several grant applications.

    Program: 2017 eLab Summer Accelerator