Crowd uses streaming technologies to give users real-time information about the places they want to visit. Users can use this information to avoid crowds at their favorite spaces, find where the party scene is, or even decide when to play pick-up basketball at their local rec centers. This allows businesses to moderate their workflows by reducing crowds and making downtime busier.

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    Charlie Hou '19

    Charlie is a sophomore in the ORFE department from Canton, Michigan. This past summer, he interned at Evyavan Advisory Services, where he analyzed portfolios qualitatively, produced MATLAB scripts to analyze them quantitatively, made stock picks, and created a prototype website using primarily Python’s Flask package. He is a travel team member on the club tennis team and writes a web-fiction series called Foresight.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator

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    Ian Kim '19

    Ian is a sophomore pursuing a degree in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and certificates in Urban Studies and East Asian Studies. Passionate about the potential of technology literacy, he previously taught edTech with the Techcrewsaders. At Princeton, he is also currently a part of the US Army ROTC program and an undergraduate associate with the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy & Finance. He enjoys spending his free time collecting records, travelling and writing about art.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator

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    Hector Solis '19

    Hector Solis is a sophomore in the Computer Science department. He seeks to further improve his skills in coding and entrepreneurship over his next few years at Princeton. He is Treasurer of the ACM club on campus, a SIFP fellow, and a Questbridge mentor. Hector likes going for long runs and walks when he isn't planted in front of a monitor. He has hopes of working creatively to solve problems and having fun while doing his best.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator