Drew Wallace Games


Drew Wallace Games is an independent game studio of led by Drew Wallace. Our particular combination of technical and artistic ability and experience is extremely rare in the industry and allows us to create games that others could not. For example, our sword fighting game WARRIOR is built around a custom analog physics controller system, which dynamically adjusts itself so that players remain in control even while they're being knocked around in-game. This system, which has been shown at various professional events, has been agreed to be unrivaled in the history of video games, and would be impossible without a skilled programmer-designer.


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    Drew Wallace '17

    Drew is a longtime game developer and artist. He's the founder and president of the Princeton Game Developers Group (now Video Game Society) and a Build Team Officer for Princeton Arts and Technology. Games people might know him as a gameplay programmer on Jamestown+.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator