Today in America, many feel as if they have little to no say in politics. Perhaps you have heard people say, “My vote doesn’t matter” or, “The government is corrupt anyway.” Maybe you are one of these people! Either way, OpenOpin provides a way for people to have a real say in politics. OpenOpin is a platform for Americans to rally behind a regional or national common cause and to crowdfund a group of lobbyists who can effectively represent that cause in Congress. This use of lobbying not only empowers the “little guys,” but it also takes away the near-monopoly that big business has in Congress. The platform accomplishes this goal by establishing communities in which people can connect through their common cause. The long-term goal of this project is to destroy the stagnation of legislation due to corporate lobbying and to reenergize people to participate more actively in politics.
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    Robert Freeman '20

    Robbie is a New Hampshire native attending Princeton University currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a certificate in entrepreneurship. Robbie first saw evidence of a dysfunctional government at the age of eight when his parents filed for divorce. The case was poorly managed and the aftermath of the situation lasted for almost 10 years. His passion for justice grew as he learned more about the political stagnation in today’s government, and it grew to a point where he decided to make a change, first founding OpenOpin in high school. Today, he is an active member of Princeton Evangelical Fellowship, Club Badminton, and the Association for Computing Machinery. In his free time, Robbie reads history books and plays Go.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator