Peek is a new app for fun, private live streaming with friends & family. In contrast to public live streaming services like Periscope, Peek centers around live streaming with small, private groups; something which we compare to a “Whatsapp for live video”. Not only does this allow for more personal conversations to happen, but it also plugs directly into your existing address book for a simpler, more social experience with emoji support, live chat & instant replays.

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    Ryan Gruss '17

    My name is Ryan and I'm from the UK! Two years ago, I founded my first company and since then have been immersed in the startup in London, Amsterdam, Paris and Prague. I now have two companies of my own and have worked with developers, investors, lawyers and great people around the world. My passion is for product and marketing, which I lead within the team on my companies and I am also a marketing consultant for Canadian Counter Terrorist Operatives and an Amsterdam based recruitment agency. At Princeton, I'm majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School and love combining my academic and entrepreneurial interests to create awesome projects!

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator