Possumus Inc.


We are working on a new breakthrough patent-pending technology which has groundbreaking applications in the transportation and parking industry, based on computer vision and artificial intelligence. Our approach relies on wirelessly connected, custom-designed parking meters equipped with onboard cameras as vision sensors, capable of automatically determining parking spot occupancy via computer algorithms.

For more information please visit our website: www.possumus.co.

  • zach_photo.png

    Zachary Kendrick '17

    Zach Kendrick is a senior at Princeton University (Class of 2017) majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in computer science and robotics. He has extensive experience in computer vision and seeks to apply that knowledge to robotics in his senior thesis where he is studying simultaneous localization and mapping for autonomous vehicles. Outside of the classroom Zach loves to ski, mountain bike and workout.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator

  • vincentpo_photo.png

    Vincent Po '18

    Vincent is a Junior at Princeton studying Electrical Engineering. This past summer, he co-founded a company in Philadelphia working to provide intelligent temperature control to homes without central heating and cooling, a venture inspired from his time organizing TigerLaunch, Princeton's national inter-collegiate entrepreneurship competition as well as his work in "Car Lab," or ELE 302. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, playing guitar, and cooking for his friends.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator

  • arash_photo.png

    Arash Sadeghi GS6

    Arash is a graduate student in the electrical engineering department in the final year of his degree. His research interests include mid-infrared photonics, silicon photonic applications, nano-fabrication, A.I. and computer vision. Arash has a master of physics from the University of Oxford, specializing in theoretical condensed matter physics. He spends most of his spare time in the company of his fluffy best friend, Ralphie, in dog parks, on hiking trails or on the couch watching movies!

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator

  • chloe_photo.png

    Chloe Song '17

    Chloe is a senior at Princeton University in the Electrical Engineering department. She is interested in the intersections of both hardware and software and will apply these skills to pursue a thesis on smart, secure, and energy efficient sensors. Beyond her coursework, she also has a passion for art, design, music, and robotics.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator

  • kevin_photo.png

    Kevin Wang '17

    Kevin is a senior at Princeton pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering and certificates in Computer Science and SML. With a strong foundation in software development, Kevin is very interested in applying computer vision to solve relevant problems. For his independent work last semester, he created a high accuracy face recognition system that trains on just 1 image per person, and a live version of his system is currently deployed with the video display in the EQuad lobby. His Senior Thesis involves collecting micro-level driver behavior from car dashcam videos to allow data-driven traffic modeling and analysis. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys swimming, running, and then consuming large amounts of Hoagie Haven.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator