Robolution is a robotics company striving to create an automated cooking system that will be able to prepare, cook, and clean an entire meal from scratch. Our product will provide people with a better answer to the age-old question: What's for dinner? Existing options are a blend of tradeoffs between health, convenience, cost, and taste. Eating out is convenient and tasty, but pricier and less healthy. Cooking at home is healthier and cheap, but takes time that most people cannot afford and relies on culinary skills for taste. With their market penetrating product—Robotic Chef—Robolution is leading the self-cooking technology to save people both time and money by offering healthy, tasty, and green cooking solutions. Robolution is currently streamlining our design of the cutting module, a robot that will be functional as an individual unit, and can cut any sort of food into various desired shapes and sizes, controlled through a simple phone application interface. The machine will be self-cleaning, so that the user will never need to spend time washing the blades afterwards. What Robolution is working to accomplish is no easy feat, but has the potential to dramatically alter the home cooking experience for both millennials and families alike.
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    Tianyu Feng

    Tianyu graduated from Duke University where he majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is currently working as a software architect in Bank of America Enterprise Architecture department. He has 5 years of industrial software project design and development experience. His past projects include big data analysis using Hadoop, ios mobile app development, and web application development. He is proficient in linux, bash scripts, java, c#, javascript, hive, web server deployment, source control, etc. He believes smart home will be the technology innovation that will change our lifestyle.

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Weiqi Sun GS5

    Weiqi is a fifth year graduate student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at Princeton University. He received his B.S. Degree in Physics from Peking University in 2012. His current research focuses on developing advanced numerical methods and algorithms for combustion modeling. He has been awarded the Howard Crathorne Phillips Graduate Fellowship for his excellent research performance. Weiqi has sufficient training and experience in coding, data mining, mechanical designing and machining. Now he has dedicated all his passion, knowledge and skills to develop smart home appliance to make our daily lives better and easier.

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Mei Chai Zheng GS5

    Mei Chai Zheng is currently a fifth year graduate student in the department of Electrical Engineering where her research focuses on making mid-infrared quantum cascade devices for applications in environmental sensing and biomedical imaging systems. During her graduate study, she was awarded the Francis Robbin Upton fellowship, the NDSEG fellowship and more recently, she also received the Harold W. Dodds honorific fellowship from Princeton University. Mei’s passion for innovation arises from her research, where potential applications drive a lot of her questions and curiosity. Through Robolution, she hopes to tie together her expertise in infrared technology with robotics in order to make healthy homemade meals a reality for those on a tight schedule. Aside from research, Mei’s interests range from scientific outreach to data science and sociology/social psychology. She also enjoys gardening, yoga, knitting and cooking. 

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator