Seniors and Youth (SAY)


Seniors and Youth (SAY, for short) is a cross-generational language program that empowers retired seniors and Korea to become effective language partners and cultural ambassadors who serve aspiring Korean language learners from around the world. The learning happens via weekly Skype calls, which is facilitated by SAY’s own language management web platform. Partners include Seoul Senior Welfare Center, East Asian Language departments at Yale and Princeton Universities. In 3 years, we want to grow SAY into the largest global community of seniors and youth in the world that embodies cross-generational solidarity. 

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  • jeongmin_cho_yuimo3j.png

    Jeongmin Cho ’19

    I am deeply interested in entrepreneurship and design. I have grown up in Korea with interests in the fine arts, until I discovered graphic design to which I have fully moved into. I am currently a graphic designer at the Princeton Student Design Agency and SAY Seniors and Youth team, but prior to Princeton have done design work for school government ads, iOS app UI, and web design.

    Program: 2015-2016 eLab Incubator

  • yongmin_cho.png

    Yongmin Cho '18

    Yongmin is passionate about SAY and hails from Seoul, Korea. He studies at Princeton University, pursuing a degree in Woodrow Wilson School of International and Public Affairs. He is a huge fan of sports and music, and never turns down a chance to have fun.

    Program: 2015-2016 eLab Incubator, 2016-2017 eLab Incubator

  • julie_chong.png

    Julie Chong '17

    Julie is currently studying Civil Engineering at Princeton University with the dream of designing buildings in the future. She is passionate about bringing seniors and students together to achieve SAY’s vision. Julie loves playing board games, watching sports, and listening to music.

    Program: 2015-2016 eLab Incubator, 2016-2017 eLab Incubator