TripBee is an easy-to-use, comprehensive trip planning service that creates detailed personalized itineraries based on the traveler's preferences and budget, saving travelers hours and hours of research. While users can certainly choose from popular highlights itineraries, TripBee also provides travelers with local recommendations for a more authentic, unique experience. Accounting for transit time and the most crowded times of the day, it plans a traveler's route as efficiently as possible, so that travelers can make the most of their limited time. For groups, TripBee consolidates the preferences of the group and creates an itinerary with something for everyone, making coordination simple and easy. TripBee is a one stop shop for booking flights, recommended lodging, attraction admissions, and event tickets as well as reading consolidated reviews from multiple sources.

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    Annie Khoa GS2

    Annie Khoa is a second-year graduate student in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. She received her bachelor's degree in public policy, with a focus on East Asia, from Princeton University, and spent two years working in the U.S. Department of State on Middle East issues within the U.N. Security Council and U.S.-Myanmar policy. She is an avid traveler always in search of adventure, hidden gems, breathtaking sights, and great food.

    Program: 2016-2017 eLab Incubator