Ultrasonyx focuses on developing next-generation medical imaging techniques, bringing ultrasound imaging from on-site to the cloud. Current ultrasound imaging depends strongly on the skills of the technician, while the images in general have problems with resolution, contrast, and noise. Ultrasonyx simplifies the image-taking process and enhance image quality via advanced imaging techniques and a proprietary database for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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    Jason Fleischer

    Jason Fleischer is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University.  His research focuses on nonlinear optics and computational imaging. The emphasis is on propagation problems that are universal to wave systems, taking advantage of the fact that optical systems allow easy control of the input and direct imaging of the output.  Among the numerous awards and honors Professor Fleischer has received are Fellowship in the Optical Society of America (2011), a Department of Energy Plasma Physics Junior Faculty Award (2008), and the Emerson Electric Company Lawrence Keys '51 Faculty Advancement Award (2007).

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Sreela Kodali '18

    Sreela Kodali is a rising junior at Princeton University studying electrical engineering and pursuing the Technology and Society and RIS certificates. She is fascinated by biomedical-ELE applications and is passionate about humanitarian design -- where engineering makes a tangible impact and directly helps people. Having taken electrical engineering, biology, and entrepreneurship classes at Princeton, Sreela is looking forward to seeing the intersection of these disciplines through Ultrasonyx this summer. Outside of work, Sreela volunteers with the Pace Center for Civic Engagement, dances with the Princeton Bhangra dance team, and enjoys tinkering with her personal engineering projects.

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Jen-Tang Lu GS4

    Jen-Tang Lu is a PhD candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. His research focuses on developing cutting-edge optical and biomedical imaging techniques. He won the Top Prize in the Princeton Innovation Forum with his research on improved ultrasound imaging, and is working on commercializing the technology. He is also a recipient of Taiwan Study Abroad Fellowship. When he is not working in lab, Jen-Tang is a competitive player on tennis courts. 

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Astrid Montanez-Garay '19

    Hey everyone! I am an incoming sophomore at Princeton majoring in electrical engineering with an intended certificate in Robotics and Intelligent Systems. In my spare time, I love playing sports, travelling, food, and trying new things. I am excited to be a part of the Ultrasonyx team.  

    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Antonio Papa '18

    I’m going into my junior year at Princeton and majoring in computer science, and I’m planning on getting a certificate in Planets and Life. I’m an officer for the Princeton Robotics Club, where I’m part of a team is building a maze-solving robot to compete at the Brown Robotics Olympiad. During the school year I also mentor a local high school robotics team with their programming. At the Peddie School I help students learn how to program a robot to read in data from sensors and cameras and control mechanisms. I’m from Robbinsville, New Jersey, which is only 20 short minutes away from campus!


    Program: 2016 eLab Summer Accelerator