Zayo aims to change the way the world learns. We offer camps which equip female students in developing countries with a foundation in cognitively optimal learning techniques through an introduction to computer science (consisting of basic object oriented programming, hardware using Arduinos and web and app development). The program is aimed at girls from underprivileged communities who are interested in and/or wish to pursue careers in STEM. Zayo will help girls develop learning techniques which will enable them to succeed in any field, coupled with a chance to apply that foundation within the context of learning new skills in the important field of computer science. We do this via the Zystem — Zayo’s unique synthesis of cognitively optimal learning techniques which take advantage of the way our brains learn, process and retrieve information. Along with techniques for effective learning and retrieval, participants will gain insight into how their brains learn, methods for effective study and performance, and how to deconstruct and learn any skill.

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    Avthar Sewrathan '18

    Avthar is from South Africa and is a Davis United World College Scholar at Princeton University. His academic interests lie in Computer Science, most notably in Bitcoin and applications of Blockchain technology. Avthar is also obsessed with optimal learning techniques and practices for optimal physical and mental performance and the associated neuroscience and psychology.

    As a South African who’s had to opportunity to explore the world and study with individuals from over 100 countries during his time at UWC and Princeton, Avthar is particularly passionate about helping Africa to realize its potential and wants to use his education and his work to empower people around the world.


    Program: 2015-2016 eLab Incubator