Startup Sounding Board w/ Daniel Marcus, Founder of SeatSwap

Date and Time: 
Location: Entrepreneurial Hub, Event Room 115


Every great idea starts somewhere. Whether you're an english major, art history buff, or software engineer, somewhere along the line you've had what you believed to be the next "billion-dollar idea" but have no clue where to begin making that idea a reality. You may have spent countless scouring the internet for non-disclosure agreements or ways to protect your idea so your roommate's software developer friend you came to for advice didn't run away with it to an eight figure exit or you may have been discouraged by naysayers who don't see the world the same way you do. Well that all ends on March 10, as Daniel Marcus, founder of SeatSwap, hosts a Startup Sounding Board workshop, where students with ideas big and small, feasible and overly ambitious, can come to share them with a group of like-minded individuals to push them to the next level. This session is open to undergrads, grads, and postdocs. Lunch will be served and registration is required.


Startup Sounding Board

Let's face it, the more time you spend trying to safeguard your idea, the longer it stays a hypothetical passing fancy. The goal of the Startup Sounding Board is to create a safe space for the free flow of ideas in a think tank atmosphere where each and every person offers not only feedback but insight/perspective that will help make each student's startup dream a more tangible reality. 

Startup Sounding Board is for entrepreneurially-minded students of all majors and backgrounds, technical and non-technical alike: if you have an idea for a product, company, service, etc but don't know quite where to go or what to do with it, bring it here. The only guidelines we ask you to abide by are: 1) Try to focus more on showing us what you've done instead of telling us what you want to do. We just want you to come armed with something: a deck, some sketches, a well rehearsed pitch, etc. It's good practice and really helps others in the room understand your vision - and - 2) Meet every thought or idea with a productive thought of your own, negativity without proposed solutions doesn't really help anyone. This is your quintessential "you get out what you put in" proposition and our hope is that each and everyone one of you comes away from this workshop with a list of action items/next steps on your startup journey as well as a network of peers you can rely on as individual sounding boards of your own. More importantly, we want you to have fun because at the end of the day, process of building something from nothing is what makes it all worthwhile.