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2013-14 Fellows

  • Farhan Abrol

    Farhan Abrol

    Hey! I'm Farhan, a rising senior from India studying Computer Science. I believe that computer science can be used to help people all over the world, and entrepreneurship is the key to bringing together development and technology. I've been a part of the Entrepreneurship Club at Princeton in various capacities, most recently as the director of Competitions. I've worked at the United Nations in Madagascar and Microsoft. I hope to build a culture of social responsibility in the computer science community.

  • Jason Adelberg

    Jason Adelberg

    Hey everyone, I'm Jason, a senior from sunny Baltimore, Maryland, studying Civil Engineering with a certificate in Applications of Computing. Over the past three summers, I've done research on making hospitals safer in Baltimore, programmed smartphones in Tanzania, and recently worked in growth and business development at a startup in San Francisco. Mostly, though, I enjoy building things like websites, hardware, and guitars. For my thesis, I'll be constructing a 3D printer for use with biologically-compatible materials.

  • Christine Feng

    Christine Feng

    Hailing from Cupertino, CA, Christine is a junior in Operations Research and Financial Engineering pursuing certificates in Applications of Computing and Finance. Currently serving as co-President of Engineers Without Borders, Christine cares deeply about the intersection of international development and entrepreneurship, and hopes to continue to effect change and discussion about development at Princeton, and in the communities that EWB serves abroad. Her travels from elementary schools in the hills of China's poorest province to the war-ravaged communities in Sierra Leone's diamond mines to Professor Powell's lab for energy systems analysis have sparked her drive to continue innovating and learning. In her spare time, she runs occasionally, eats often, and laughs a lot.

  • Sharon Gao '15

    Sharon Gao '15

    Sharon Gao, who hails from Plainsboro, NJ, *plans to pursue an independent major in Environmental Science, Economics and Policy, and is particularly interested in emerging energy technologies. She is an active member of the Princeton Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (PSEI), and was the director of the TigerLaunch 2013 annual startup competition. Sharon's entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding Power in a Box, a green technology startup, as well as connecting with many distinguished entrepreneurs. She also interned with the Keller Center as an associate to the eLab Summer Accelerator Program. Sharon's extracurricular activities include fencing at the international level, and painting. She is on the varsity fencing team at Princeton and commissions artwork in her spare time.

  • Sarthak Gupta

    Sarthak Gupta

    A rising senior from New Delhi, Sarthak is majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering pursuing the Energy Sciences (mechanical) and Space (aerospace) tracks. He is also doing the Certificate in Sustainable Energy, which involves coursework at the intersection of renewable energy technology, economics and the environment. At Princeton, he has been Director of Conferences for the International Relations Council, an International Orientation Leader, and Publicity Chair and choreographer for the South Asian dance group, Naacho. During the summer of 2012, Sarthak worked on design, efficiency optimization and marketing of silicon-based photovoltaics in Bangalore, India. In the summer of 2013, he is developing interactive web tools for Climate Central Inc. to enable local zip-code referenced solar and wind energy predictions. When not doing problem sets, he enjoys playing tennis, pool and ill-designed pranks. As a Keller Center fellow, Sarthak seeks to spread campus interest in energy- and development-related entrepreneurship.

  • Michael Kosk

    Michael Kosk

    Michael is a sophomore in the philosophy department, but don't let the major fool you. He is an avid builder of anything and everything in his spare time and prefers to keep his scientific pursuits as a hobby. On campus he is involved with the dancing trope BodyHype and is (what feels like) the sole advocate and chair of Club Croquet. He is heavily involved with Engineering Projects in Community Service, otherwise known as EPICS, and will be leading the Power-in-a-Box team come fall. Michael enjoys working at the intersection of entrepreneurship and eco-activism, and is working on collaborating with the Cyclab to create a bamboo bike studio on campus.

  • David Newell-Smith

    David Newell-Smith

    David is a fourth year undergraduate student studying mechanical and aerospace engineering. He joined Engineers Without Borders (EWB) his freshman year and immediately became involved with the international development community on campus. His freshman year, he also co-founded and managed the Princeton-Comet Connection project, a partnership between Princeton students and an Israeli-Palestinian NGO called Comet-ME, with the aim of developing appropriate technologies for off-grid villages in the West Bank. In addition, he spent the summer of 2012 as an intern in Ghana designing a wind turbine system for a high school founded by Princeton anthropology professor Carolyn Rouse. After spending two years working with EWB, Comet-ME, and the high school in Ghana, David co-founded a club called Development Design Initiative (DDI) with the hope that it would provide opportunities for Princeton students to learn how to design products and solutions for the poor around the world. David also worked as an intern at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory this past summer, is on Princeton's Club Soccer team, and rock climbs with the club rock climbing team.

  • Megan Partridge

    Megan Partridge

    Hailing from Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, Meg is currently a senior at Princeton University studying Civil & Environmental Engineering. At Princeton, she is pursuing an interdisciplinary course of study focused on water resources, poverty alleviation and frameworks for inclusive decision-making. On campus, Meg participates in the Pace Council for Civic Values (PCCV), the Princeton Tigerlilies A Cappella, the Healthier Princeton Advisory Board, the 2014 Commencement Committee, the Cap & Gown Eating Club and the Princeton Social Entrepreneurship Initiative. She is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of The Sustainable Fashion Initiative, working on college campuses to cultivate a community of young consumers and designers who live, create and shop purposefully. She is also the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Stitch Your Story, an e-commerce social shopping experience and affordable luxury brand that empowers artisans around the world. She is a strong believer in eco-effectiveness, the underlying humanity that ties us all together and the power of mini cupcakes from Bent Spoon to brighten up anyone's day!

  • Eric Principato

    Eric Principato

    Eric is a sophomore in the MAE department and is also pursuing a certificate in robotics and intelligent systems. On campus, he is involved in Princeton Engineering Education for Kids, intramural soccer, and various robotics projects. His strong interest in robotics, which started in high school with FIRST Robotics, has led him to cofound the Princeton Robotics Club this year. As a Keller Center Fellow he plans to grow the club and use it to promote technology, leadership, and hands-on experience. He primarily splits his free time between soccer and robots, and occasionally soccer-playing robots.

  • Ted Segal

    Ted Segal

    Ted is a Ph.D. candidate researching lightweight footbridges for use in rural areas and disaster relief. Informal and formal teaching experiences as well as three years practicing structural design have allowed Ted to collaborate with students, academics, and practitioners across a range of disciplines. He has initiated interactions between these groups by serving on career panels, co-organizing events for students to visit large-scale structures, and inviting practicing engineers to lecture at Princeton. Ted plans to expand on these efforts as a Keller Center Fellow.

  • Collin Stedman

    Collin Stedman

    Collin is a junior engineering student from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in Robotics and Intelligent Systems. His interests include networks and web applications, algorithm design, and embedded systems. He is currently the webmaster for Princeton's ACM chapter and a founding member of the Princeton Hackers Collective, launching this year. Collin wants to promote startup entrepreneurship and "hack culture" by creating venues and opportunities for collaborative, hands-on learning. When he is not working on his own projects, Collin practices juggling and tightrope walking.

  • John Su

    John Su

    A sophomore from Edison, New Jersey, John is studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering, as well as pursuing certificates in Engineering & Management Systems, Statistics & Machine Learning, and Applications of Computing. On campus, some of the things he is involved with include the Student Group Recognition Committee, the Princeton Analytics Group, and the Wilson Residential College Council. Interested in the intersection of medicine and technology, John hopes to spread interest among the Princeton community regarding entrepreneurship related to medical technology startups. In his spare time, John enjoys playing soccer and tennis, keeping up with Suits and Glee, as well as getting late-night french bread pizza at Studio '34.

  • Jason Wexler

    Jason Wexler

    Jason is a PhD candidate in the MAE department, studying with Professor Howard Stone. His research focuses on fundamental fluid mechanics questions at the microscale that he hopes can be applied to energy and efficiency applications. Before starting grad school, he worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer for Sunpower Corporation in Richmond, CA, near his alma mater, UC Berkeley. Ed Zschau's fantastic course sparked his interest in entrepreneurship, and he has since been spreading the entrepreneurial gospel among his fellow graduate students at Princeton.

  • Alexa Witowski

    Alexa Witowski

    A senior from Austin, Alexa is majoring in economics, with a certificate in computer science. She is involved on Princeton's campus as a conference director for Business Today, a member and representative at large in the Princeton University Orchestra, vice president of the Texan's club and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and the Tiger Inn. As a fellow, Alexa hopes to develop a simple engineering curriculum for classrooms in developing countries, an interest piqued by her experience as an intern for the Global Literacy Project in South Africa, as well as her experience as a math coach for Let's Get Ready. In addition to interning with the Global Literacy Project Alexa has also interned for Freescale Semiconductor as an IT Data Analyst, and most recently at - Quidsi Inc. as an intern in the special operations department. In her free time Alexa enjoys being outside in any capacity, cooking, and crafting.