Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Keller Center internship opportunities can often be found within the internship listings themselves, or in the information provided below. Please consider the following information before you begin the internship application process:


You may apply for a limit of three (3) Keller Center internships. Any additional applications (above your first three) will not be accepted. Note that if you are applying to the Princeton Start-Up Immersion Program (PSIP), you are limited to one (1) position in PSIP.


Incomplete applications cannot be saved so please plan to complete the application form and attach the relevant documents (resume, cover letter, personal narrative, recommendation letter, etc. where applicable) at one time. Please be sure to read the description of the internship for which you are applying to confirm whether a transcript is required. 


You MUST include your first and last name in the file name of your documents so that they can be sorted and bundled properly. Failure to do so will result in a delay in processing and submitting to the employer. For example, do not upload a document called "resume.pdf" - please use the following format: last name_first name_company name.pdf.


Complete names and addresses are not always available for all companies/organizations. If you would like to search online for the company's contact information, feel free to do so. Otherwise, an acceptable cover letter address would be "Dear Internship Coordinator". Do not address cover letters to the Keller Center or Lilian Tsang.


Preparing to Lead Program applicants: should an employer choose to interview you, they will contact you directly to set up an appointment.

PSIP applicants: if you are selected as a finalist, the employer will notify Keller Center and you will be requested to contact them for an appointment to present and interview.

REACH and eLab Summer Associate applicants: the Keller Center will contact you to schedule an interview, should you be selected. Interviews will be conducted in the E-Quad during the week of January 18. 


Most summer internships will commence in the first or second week of June and must be a minimum of eight (8) weeks in length. Specific dates will be communicated to you by the employer, not the Keller Center (with the exception of REACH Hong Kong - dates will be confirmed by Keller Center).


In most cases, your employer will pay you a monthly (or perhaps bi-weekly) salary, but some internships listed on the Keller Center websites are unpaid. Please check the descriptions carefully to determine whether your desired internship will be paid/unpaid BEFORE you apply. The REACH program and Ruhr Fellowships do not pay you a salary, however, the majority of your living and travel expenses are covered through the program. 


Please be sure to read through the internship descriptions carefully to determine if housing is provided. With the exception of PSIP, REACH, the Ruhr Fellowship Program, and a few other positions where dorm/apartment accommodations are specifically mentioned in the contract, housing is NOT included in your internship offer. In some cases, assistance with finding housing is provided through the employer. Check the listings to determine if your future employer can help.

The Keller Center cannot provide assistance with finding housing and it will be your responsibility to make your own arrangements once you have accepted an internship offer.

Housing can be found in a number of ways:

  • Check the website of a nearby university
  • Craigslist
  • Get tips from an intern from previous years (you are welcome to contact any of the interns listed on our webpages)
  • Princeton Alumni Network - Princeton has an extensive network of alumni that might have some leads for you, and as Princeton students you have the ability to connect to alumni across the country via the Alumni Association.
  • If interning in NYC, some housing may be available at New York University (NYU); you must apply via this website: http://www.nyu.edu/summer/housing/
  • Similarly, if interning in a major city in close proximity to a university, dormitory housing is often available for students during the summer.


Should you be accepted to an international internship, it will be your responsibility to secure your own visa (where applicable) and passport in a timely fashion. Do not wait until the last minute! You will also be responsible for scheduling and paying for any immunizations that may be required for the country to which you will be traveling. You are required to attend a pre-departure orientation in late April at which time a UHS representative will give a health and safety presentation, and a Career Services representative will discuss common work practices, ethics, and policies which is aimed at helping you to prepare for your summer experience.


If you are an international student studying at Princeton on an F-1 visa and you are accepted to an internship in the U.S., you should set up an appointment to talk to a specialist at the Davis International Center regarding your OPT (Optional Practical Training) time.


We understand that you will be quite busy with various projects and activities during your summer internship. However, we require that you check in with the Keller Center via email a total of three (3) times over the course of the summer: after the first day of your internship, midway through, and immediately after the last day of your internship. You will be required to submit a report upon completion of your summer internship, as well as a brief web testimonial and photos. You will also be asked to participate in at least one information session in the fall after your internship.


Should you be selected for one of the positions to which you applied, you will receive an official offer letter from the Keller Center via email. At that point, you will have until the date listed in your offer letter to make your final decision. Note: in certain cases, your decision period may be extended depending upon the date on which you received the offer. Further extensions will not be granted.

By accepting the position, you are thereby committing to participating in that internship, and our expectation is that you will not pursue any other internship opportunities for Summer 2016.

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, as well as the large number of employers with which we partner, it is not possible for us to notify you if you have not been accepted for an internship (and you may or may not be notified by the employer, depending on their policies).


If you still have questions about the internship application process, please contact Lilian Tsang at ltsang@princeton.edu.