The Alumni Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education

The Alumni Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education was established to support group projects conducted by students in engineering. Beginning with the 2010-11 academic year, the Keller Center has made the fund available to all students in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Students must apply as a group and require the support and supervision of a faculty adviser, if they are not already an established ODUS organization. Funding per project is not to exceed $1,000, but requests above that amount may be considered when accompanied by a special request letter from the students' adviser.

The Alumni funds are not intended to support junior independent projects or senior thesis research; funds to support such activities are made available through the office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.


Project: Quadcopter - Princeton Robotics Club
Students: Eric Principato '16, Daniel Zirkel '16, Michael Wang '16, Nicholas Maselli '16, Ilya Krasnovsky '16, Shirley Zhu '16
Advisor: Robert Stengel

Project: Modular Hexapod - Princeton Robotics Club
Students: Ilya Krasnovsky '16, Eric Principato '16, Daniel Zirkel '16, Michael Wang '16, Nicholas Maselli '16
Advisor: Robert Stengel

Project: Brown University IEEE Robotics Olympiad: Maze-Solving Robot
Students: Daniel Zirkel '16, Ilya Krasnovsky '16, Eric Principato '16, Michael Wang '16, Nicholas Maselli '16
Advisor: Robert Stengel

Project: Princeton Pitch - Princeton Entrepreneurship Club Track
Students: Nathan Yoo, Shompa Choudhury '15, Jean Wang '16, Nathan Lam '17, Sinan Zhang '16, Sreya Basuroy '16
Advisor: Derek Lidow

Project: Princeton Pitch - Princeton Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Track
Students: Arianne Carpio '16, Catherine Dennig '15

Project: HackPrinceton Fall 2013
Students: Jerry Liu '17, Hansen Qian '16, Stephanie He '15, Adam Yabroudi '15, Aditya Agarwalla '16, Tim Lau '17, Evelyn Ding '17
Advisor: Kai Li

Project: Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering - Prospect 12 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV
Students: Joseph Bolling '15, Derrick Dominic '15, Horia Radoi '14, Michael Zhang '14, Nicole Gonzalez '16, Elain Chou '16
Advisor: Alain Kornhauser

Project: Innovation Journal of Science and Technology
Students: Stephen Cognetta '15, Christine Chien '15, Eugene Lee '15, Sam Kim '15, James Evans '16, Matthew Blackburn '14, Helen Yao '15, Angela Zhou '16, Kiran Vodrahalli '15, Abrar Choudhury '15
Advisor: Sajin Saini

Project: Silicon Valley TigerTrek Fall 2013
Students: Vivian Qu '14, Rishi Narang '15, Hafiz Dhanani '16
Advisor: Derek Lidow