The Norman D. Kurtz'58 Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education

The Norman D. Kurtz '58 Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education was established to support student projects that offer exposure to engineering applications outside the classroom. Each year, the Keller Center is pleased to announce the availability of these funds and all students in the School of Engineering and Applied Science are eligible to apply, either as individuals, or in groups. Students require the support and supervision of a faculty adviser. Funding per project normally does not exceed $1,000, but requests above that amount may be considered when accompanied by a special request letter from the student's adviser. 

These funds are not intended to support travel expenses, junior independent projects, or senior thesis research; funds for junior and senior research are made available through the office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Kurtz, who earned a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, died unexpectedly in 2005. Kurtz founded the premier international engineering firm Flack & Kurtz, helped create some of the world's largest and most advanced buildings, pioneered the field of sustainable engineering and taught architecture at Princeton, all while leading a rich family life, playing competitive tennis, skiing avidly, and being a friend and mentor to scores of people.  


Project: Princeton Biodigester 
Students: Kevin Griffin '17, Quentin Becheau '17, Kushal Dalal '17, William Lathrop '17, Natasha Madorsky '17, Leo Tinone '17
Advisor: Justin Sheffield

Project: Sustainable Fashion Initiative Spring Show
Students: Jeannie Kwon '16, Hiba Elbuluk, Xin Xuan Chen, Catherine Niu, Olutola Ebunlomo, Elise Georis

Project: Sustainable Solar Service pilot trip to Urubamba, Peru
Students: Dallan Nan '16, Douglas Bastidas '16
Advisor: Keira Wilson 

Project: PWIB Technology / Start-up NYC Site Visit
Students: Sophia Deng '14, Saumya Swaroop '15, Chenning Ma '14
Advisor: Dean Dunne

Project: Start @ a Startup Conference
Students: Saumya Singh '15

Project: Princeton Racing Electric - Electric Vehicle Group
Students: Hafeez Sulaimon '15, Lucas Amber '15, Po Moon Wah '15, Rahul Subramanian '15, Nathaniel Haley '14, Tal Bass '17, Karena Cai '15, Olamide Oladosu '15, Richard Cheng '15, Marcus Lee '15, Mena Youssef
Advisor: Luigi Martinelli

Project: Undergraduate Student Poster Competition at 2013 AIChE Annual Student Conference
Students: Evaline Tsai '15
Advisor: Pablo Debenedetti

Project: piCreate Learning Platform
Students: Olabode Adunbarin '16, Kasturi Shah '16
Advisor: Alain Kornhauser

Project: Design Development Initiative - Solar Cooker Oven
Students: Kevin Liaw '15, Ioanna Kourkoulou '17, Christina Rice '17, Gregory Chang '16, Rebecca Sichel '17, Shubham Chattopadhyay '17, Russel Burton '16
Advisor: Jay Benziger