Innovation Forum


L-R: Michal Nikodem, Electrical Engineering; Branko Glisic, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Danna Hargett, Molecular Biology (Photo by Frank Wojciechowski)

Eight teams pitched their innovations to a panel of VCs, industry experts and angel investors at the sixth annual Innovation Forum held on February 29 in the Friend Center Auditorium 101.  The event drew a sizeable audience of students, faculty, and members of the entrepreneurial community who came to listen to teams and the keynote speaker Christian Theriault. Christian, who won first place in the 2011 Innovation Forum, shared his experiences commercializing a university technology and creating a revenue-positive company since inception. Read the full story here.

First Place:
Sensing Sheet for High-resolution Structural Health Monitoring Over Large Structures
Presenter: Branko Glišić
Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering
Team Members: Naveen Verma, James Sturm & Sigurd Wagner (Electrical Engineering)

Second Place:
Chirped Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy, a New Method for Gas Sensing
Presenter: Michal Nikodem
Department: Electrical Engineering
Team Members: Gerard Wysocki (Electrical Engineering)

Third Place:
Better Cancer Therapeutics through Better Biological Modeling
Presenter: Danna Hargett
Department: Molecular Biology
Team Members: Stephen St. Jeor, Lisa Keyes & Marianna Bego (University of Nevada Reno)