Innovation Forum

Congratulations to our winners!


First Place
Title: Commercial Production of Janus Particles for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Presenter: Vikram Pansare
Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Team Members: Chris Sosa, Chuan Zhang, Rodney Priestley, Robert Prud’homme

Second Place
Title: Platform for Computational Peptide-Based Drug Design with an Expanded Modified Amino Acid Chemical Space: Applications to Discovering Potent HIV-1 Inhibitors
Presenter: George A. Khoury
Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Team Members: James Smadbeck, Christodoulos A. Floudas

Third Place
Title: Base Meta Catalysis: Sustainable Catalysis for a Resource Limited World
Presenter: Max Friedfeld
Department: Chemistry
Team Members: Paul J. Chirik