Continual Reflection


How might we design a system that captures the positive benefits of continual reflection that fits into the fabric of Princeton?

The tremendous value of journaling has been well-researched and documented. But most students do not keep a journal, missing an opportunity to mitigate stress, retain knowledge, and accelerate personal growth. For this Tiger Challenge, a team of students and staff will investigate factors that prevent students from engaging in continual self-reflection, and develop tools to help them gather, synthesize, and utilize self-knowledge while at Princeton, arming them with techniques to shape their lives around their authentic strengths and passions.


  • rebeca_de_la_espriella.jpg

    Rebeca De La Espriella

    Rebeca is a rising senior in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs with an interest in policy that affects children. Her junior independent research has focused on the global gender gap in banking and on reintegrating child soldiers in Colombia. She has a passion for social entrepreneurship and design thinking and seeks a way to bring her policy background to this field. She is thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Tiger Challenge because growing a project from challenge statement to pilot is unique to this program!

  • jackson_forbes.jpg

    Jackson Forbes

    I am a rising junior on the Princeton Men's basketball team. I am majoring in Architecture and I am the Associate Director of a student agency on campus. I sit on the Varsity Student Athlete Advisory Committee and serve as a Peer Academic Advisor to freshmen. My passions include youth/young adult development and entrepreneurship.

  • trust_kupupika.jpg

    Trust Kupupika

    Kupupika Trust is a rising senior in the Anthropology department.

  • tom_robbins.jpg

    Tom Robbins

    Tom Robbins is a rising junior in the Computer Science department.


  • bryant_blount.jpg

    Bryant Blount '08

    Bryant Blount ’08 is an Academic-Athletic Fellow, working with men’s and women’s basketball. As Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students, Bryant supports the undergraduate disciplinary system. He also serves as the office’s liaison to the Housing, Dining and Facilities departments, coordinating and accommodating special housing and dining needs of undergraduates. In collaboration with the housing office, he selects, trains and supervises the upperclass dormitory assistants. Dean Blount is also the liaison to the Prospect Street eating clubs and works closely with the undergraduate club officers and with the leadership of the graduate boards.

  • lisa_festa.jpg

    Lisa Festa

    Lisa is a graphic designer, creative thinker, and visual explorer. In her world the exploration of materials and the computer screen go hand in hand. She is currently working as the Graphic Designer/Digital Media Strategist for Career Services at Princeton University. She firmly believes that design should ask questions, not give you all the answers!

  • matt_frawley.jpg

    Matt Frawley

    Matt Frawley is a senior associate director of career services at Princeton University focusing on providing innovative educational programming to the university community. He also heads a small web development company that works primarily with several educational groups. After a two year stint on Wall St. after college working for an options trading firm, Matt spent too many years at grad school emerging 10yrs later with a couple of masters degrees and PhD. At least hiis dissertation on Soren Kierkegaard’s anthropology is a real page-turner. Prior to career services Matt was the director of student life at Mathey College, one of the residential colleges at Princeton University. Faculty and staff had a hard time taking him seriously given that he was usually dressed up in a toga as the Mathey Crier or wearing an Elvis wig as Barry Bingo. Matt is happy to reprise both these roles for anyone interested.

  • jake_levy.png

    Jake Levy

    Jake is a 2016 MBA Graduate of the Darden School of Business. Before business school, he was a Teach For America Corps Member in Kansas City, Missouri where he taught 4th grade, and earned his M.Ed from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He has worked on multiple Design Thinking Projects, including a project to help the Darden CDC target and assist struggling First Year students. Jake is an avid volleyball player and obsessive Game of Thrones fan. He currently lives in Washington, DC with his girlfriend and their pet hermit crab, Mr. Krabs.