STEM Communication


How might we make digital STEM communication easy?

Despite the proliferation of tablets in the last decade, few people seem comfortable using technology for handwritten communication. Many STEM students and researchers are likely to send a long and confusing email or hold a piece of paper up to a webcam during a Skype session in order to discuss a problem that is most naturally expressed by hand. (Examples include mathematical calculations, circuit diagrams, molecular structures, and many others.) Our goal is to design software to facilitate easy and quick communication of these concepts and (possibly) integrate it with existing affordable writing hardware, providing STEM students and researchers with an out-of-the-box solution to make communication easy.


  • alex-bolanos.png

    Alex Bolanos

    I am a rising sophomore at Princeton University, and am intending on majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in Neuroscience. In my free time I enjoy running, playing soccer, and hanging out with friends. I am fascinated by artificial intelligence and how we interact with computers, so I hope to be involved with that in the future.

  • leor_klainerman.jpeg

    Leor Klainerman

    I'm an alumna of the great class of 2014. Having majored in Mathematics, I then pursued a masters in Probability and Statistics in France. After some time at the Technion in Israel, I returned home to work on a problem I felt acutely while living and learning overseas: facilitating long-distance communication, especially with research collaborators.

  • jordan_reich.png

    Jordan Reich

    My name is Jordan Reich, and I am a rising Junior at Princeton. I am a computer science major with a goal of becoming a software engineer. On campus, I am on the wrestling team and also help with the Outdoor Action program. My hobbies include snowboarding, poker, and traveling.

  • noga_zaborowski1.jpg

    Noga Zaborowski

    Noga is a rising junior at Princeton University, where she studies computer science. She is involved in Jewish life on campus and spends her time dreaming about all the mathematics and philosophy she could be studying. She's excited to join a project team this summer inspired by frustrations in mathematics and help them code a bit.


  • brandon_chinn.jpg

    Brandon Chinn

    Brandon Chinn is a Director at Peer Insight, an innovation consulting firm that helps companies unite design and business to drive organic growth. With a background in the arts, startups, digital marketing, and healthcare, Brandon has led projects for ZocDoc, Prophet Consulting, and The Actors Theatre of Louisville. His past clients include Nike, Medtronic, AARP, Tenet Healthcare, Electrolux, and Halyard Health. He prides himself on his ability to help teams say, “Yes and,” and “Let’s try it!” Brandon holds an MBA from UVA’s Darden School of Business and a BA in Commerce, Organizations and Entrepreneurship from Brown University. Learn more at:

  • gregory_cousin.jpg

    Gregory Cousin

    Gregory Cousin is a French engineer at MyScript, within the department in charge of mobile applications to leverage our core recognition technology in different use cases. Especially responsible for Math, Music, Table, Diagram applications.

  • matthew-de-courcy-ireland.png

    Matthew de Courcy-Ireland

    Matthew de Courcy-Ireland grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He studied mathematics at McGill, and moved to Princeton, New Jersey in 2012 for even more math. He was an intern at Microsoft Research New England in summer 2014. Photo by C.J. Mozzochi

  • robin_melinand.jpg

    Robin Mélinand

    Robin spent his entire career designing software for mobile devices. Using powerful processing layers, his pride is to set the highest level of user expectations. He has been sharing his vision and managing development teams for more than 10 years, both in France and in China. He holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Telecom ParisTech (France).