Entrepreneurship Certificate Colloquium

Date and Time: 
Location: Friend Center, Room 101

Entrepreneurship Certificate students are required to present their practicum, or a combination of their academic work and practicum, at least twice before graduation: in an annual program poster session (juniors only) and in one session of a periodic program colloquium (seniors only). 

A high level of substantial creative and practical experience in entrepreneurship is required outside of classroom learning. The aim of the practicum is to foster the entrepreneurial mindset in certificate students, in all sorts of settings -- from startups, corporate-to-service organizations and not-for-profits, through “learning by doing.”  The suggested model for the practicum encourages students to go through a process of customer research/empathy, hypothesis setting and testing, prototyping and deployment.  The student will develop a novel hypothesis in the practicum project, and will make recommendations regarding a company, internship, entrepreneurial opportunity or other setting based on these analyses and frameworks. 

This event is free and open to the public. Register to attend.

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