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AquaCerta is a better response to the ongoing global water crisis. While a growing number of populations around the world are losing access to clean water aquifers and NGOs respond to this by trying to conserve, control and distribute the dwindling stock, we provide an easy way for families to grow independent of this situation by filtering the water that they have. With a novel filtration product that is cheap, easy to make and highly efficient, our venture aspires to give power to the households by allowing them to secure access to clean water for themselves. Our product renders by the gram, liters of clean water drinkable, while it is natural and requires no expertise to use. AquaCerta is irreversibly shifting the focus from the humanitarian aid our nations provide, to the ability of the people in developing countries to sustain themselves given the knowledge and tools to do so.

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    Dimitris Ntaras '21

    Dimitris, originally from Athens, Greece, is a somphomare planning to major in Molecular Biology and attain certificates in Entrepreneurship and Global Health. He aspires to work in Public Health and actively participate in the effort of raising the world’s living standards. A deeply practical person, Dimitris wishes to combine scientific knowledge with an awareness of social issues to make targeted interventions in key health challenges. He has background in social entrepreneurship, having responded to the issue of Alzheimer’s patients going missing in Greece with a tech venture that was commended upon in a student startup competition. With AquaCerta, he wishes to enlarge his impact and take control of an issue that has inefficiently been handled – the global water crisis. When not working in developing the venture or brainstorming other causes in need of “a better solution”, he is normally found hanging in the Digital Learning Lab, working with IgniteSTEM to promote hackathons in secondary schools, organizing the next initiative for Princeton Innovation, or taking care of Princeton Model Congress tasks. He is also actively promoting educational causes, by mentoring for Matriculate and volunteering with the Petey Greene program.

    Program: 2018-2019 eLab Incubator Fall