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Ketnu is the product of great friends, a love for food, and a desire to adventure. We met in the first days of our freshman year at Princeton University. Brought together by rowing, our mutual appreciation for food, sustainability, and the outdoors laid the foundation for our friendship and the creation of Ketnu.

We created Ketnu out of a desire for honesty. We were sick and tired of scouring nutrition labels for artificial sweeteners, syrups, and allergens. Ketnu changes the game by telling it like it is. Our simple ingredients, comprehensive nutrition, and customer focused team make Ketnu the easiest way to eat responsibly.

Ketnu is an energy bar packed with superfoods like chia seeds, coconut oil, and cricket flour. Everything that makes a Ketnu Bar was chosen for a reason. We are excited to let you know why what you’re about to eat is better for you, your tastebuds, and the future of food.

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  • jordi_headshot_002.jpg

    Jordi Cabanas '19

    Jordi is an avid explorer of the outdoors and a Princeton Computer scientist. He comes to Ketnu with technical expertise, a background in launching businesses, and a desire to develop natural foods to fuel his passion for the outdoors. In his free time he enjoys cooking, backpacking, skiing, and rowing as well as exploring his artistic side in the pottery studio.

    Program: 2018 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • grace_headshot_002.jpg

    Grace Cordsen '19

    Although from New York City, Grace is most at home in the outdoors. Whether running, hiking, climbing, or rowing, she seeks out activities where she can connect with nature. She channels this restless energy into her work on Ketnu, focusing on branding, marketing, and communications. As a Princeton Art History major, Grace brings to Ketnu a unique way of understanding visual content as well as her own personal aesthetic sensibility. 

    Program: 2018 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • madelynn_headshot.jpg

    Madelynn Prendergast '19

    Madelynn appreciates food almost as much as she enjoys the California coast she calls home. Her first business was the baking company she started in the fourth grade and she has immersed herself in the food world ever since. From working as a line chef to teaching kids to cook at summer camp, Madelynn's skill in the kitchen complements her passion for alternative ingredients. 

    Program: 2018 eLab Summer Accelerator