KLOS Guitars


KLOS Guitars (www.klosguitars.com) makes a the first comfortable, affordable, and durable carbon fiber travel guitar. We at KLOS Guitars want people to keep music in their lives, no matter how busy they are or how much they travel around. Our guitar uses a durable material that allows the user to not worry about damaging the guitar. The comfortable shape is small enough to fit in your backpack but big enough to have a loud sound. At an affordable price competitive with other wooden guitars and 1/3 the price of other carbon fiber guitars, this is truly a guitar that you can keep KLOS to you wherever you go. 

  • Perry-burton-headshot.jpg

    Perry Burton '16

    I'm a manufacturing engineering student at BYU class of 2016. I'm a husband, father, and music gear enthusiast. I enjoy working with my hands. I have a dream to one day own a Datsun 510. #makestuff

    Program: 2015 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • Sam-carmack-photo.jpg

    Sam Carmack '17

    Hey everyone! I'm a manufacturing engineer class of 2017 at BYU. I love music, paying guitar, and movies. I'm from Summit, NJ.

    Program: 2015 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • Ian-team-photo.jpg

    Ian Klosowiak

    Hey! I'm graduating BYU in December with a degree in mechanical engineering. As the co-founder and CTO of KLOS Guitars, I really love building things and improving the design of tools and products we use every day, which is why I came up with the KLOS guitar design and made it a reality. I'm also a huge fan of hiking, biking, playing guitar and being in the mountains. 

    Program: 2015 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • Adam-klosowiak-photo.jpg

    Adam Klosowiak '15

    Hi everyone! I just graduated Princeton with an electrical engineering degree. I became involved with entrepreneurship through Dorm Control, a 1st place Fall 2013 Hackathon project. I'm excited to be the co-founder and COO of KLOS Guitars. I also love playing sports, playing piano and guitar, and learning languages.

    Program: 2015 eLab Summer Accelerator

  • Jake-sheffield-photo.jpg

    Jake Sheffield '17

    Hey! I’m Jake Sheffield. I’m a Mechanical Engineer at Brigham Young University class of 2017. I am an avid adventurer. I love the the great outdoors, traveling, and discovering what life has to offer. I enjoy playing music and taking on new hobbies when I get the chance.

    Program: 2015 eLab Summer Accelerator