TerraVuze Logo with tent

TerraVuze (formerly perFIcT) is using virtual reality technology to transform the outdoor retail industry. The company seeks to provide a completely immersive shopping experience wherein consumers can browse gear in its intended use environment. TerraVuze wants to simplify shopping for outdoor gear, and help everyone understand what they will need for their next adventure. 

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    Lucas Manning '20

    Lucas Manning is a sophomore pursuing a Computer Science degree with a focus in computer graphics/vision. He started teaching himself programming early in his high school career in Westport, CT,  and has enjoyed hacking on personal side projects ever since. Last summer, Lucas worked as a full stack development intern for WellSheet, a startup aiming to increase physician efficiency at the point of care. After the summer, he continued working for WellSheet briefly as a technical consultant. Lucas is also on the Varsity Lightweight Rowing team.


    Program: 2018 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Kobe Miller '20

    Kobe Miller Is the head of marketing at TerraVuze. He will be concentrating in economics with a certificate in entrepreneurship.

    Program: 2018 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Ameen Moshirfar '20

    Ameen Moshirfar is from Sandy, Utah. He is an artist and a scientist who is passionate about exploring the spaces where the two disciplines meet. He is an undergraduate student in school of civil and environmental engineering, and his focus is structural engineering and architecture. In addition to his studies, he is a varsity member of the Princeton Lightweight Rowing Team. Ameen spends much of his free time in the pottery studio working to explore new techniques. 

    Program: 2018 eLab Summer Accelerator

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    Joe Ratliffe '20

    Joe Ratliffe is the CEO of TerraVuze. He is pursuing a concentration in Economics with certificates in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. He is also on the Lightweight Rowing Team.

    Program: 2018 eLab Summer Accelerator