The Creative Mind and Leadership Lecture Series: Dan Formosa

Date and Time: 
Location: Friend Center 006

 Design is power. It can change the way we work, think, behave, and live. Through design we can improve health, conserve energy, conserve water, increase efficiency, enhance performance, reduce stress, save time, save money – and generally improve our quality of life.

 Design can make us faster, smarter, and happier. It can change attitudes and behaviors. It can empower people who may otherwise have physical or cognitive challenges, including rather than excluding them. It can unify rather than divide.

As powerful as design is, we don't know much about it. Historically designers have been good at processes that are efficient in helping create new products and services. But they have placed their value on what they do –not on what they know. Where would we be if we knew more about using design to address behavior, stress, gender issues, or any number of other critical topics.

Some of these thoughts are just starting to surface. Let's talk about the things we don't know.


Dan began his career with the belief that design can improve our lives. To do so, design should be about people, not things. Since then he has designed and innovated products and services for companies and organizations worldwide, in categories ranging from food to cars. He has also been at the forefront of the inclusive design movement, design for everyone.

To further advance innovative approaches to in design he recently co-founded two collectives: 4B, focusing on design and gender, and Brainpool, adding quantitative research methods to design. He also co-founded the Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York. Dan holds a Masters and Doctorate degree in ergonomics and biomechanics. In addition to his consulting work, he writes and lectures worldwide on the topic.