REACH: TU-Dortmund Information Session


Location: 34 Chambers Street, Event Room

Speaker: Miriam Goethe, International Internship Coordinator,TU-Dortmund


REACH is an International Research Exchange Program for undergraduate engineering students interested in international research opportunities at an academic institution. Selected students received an eight-week, hands-on research experience in an international context, housing, flight stipend, and additional expense stipends. Participating students will be immersed in a new culture while working on a research project in their field of study. REACH aims to broaden students' perspectives and enable them to become globally minded researchers and technologists. Undergraduate engineering students (freshmen, sophomores and juniors) are encouraged to apply.
Germany: TU-Dortmund

June 05, 2019: Princeton students arrive

June 06, 2019: Orientation/start of REACH

July 30, 2019: End of REACH

July 31, 2019: Last day to check out 

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