Workshop Series on Design Thinking: Scoping and Design Briefs


Location: 34 Chambers Street

Speaker: Rafe Steinhauer


Design Thinking Workshop Series: 1b. Scoping and Design Briefs:

This workshop will be the first in an introductory series on design thinking. In it, we'll define design thinking and discuss potential applications. Next we'll introduce the "design brief" as a tool to help us frame a project in design thinking. Like all workshops in the series, the first hour will be facilitated, and the second, optional hour will be open coaching time to talk through your work. ​
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Keller Center and Tiger Challenge present an introductory workshop series on design thinking. Design thinking is a body of techniques for human-centered problem solving, which includes: a guiding processgeneralized from the design disciplines; an ever-expanding suite of tools, drawn from design disciplines, social sciences, business, development, etc; and underlying mindsets, including creativity skills, empathic reasoning, and abductive logic. 
The workshops can function both as a series to help individuals and teams through project work, or as individual topic explorations. The first hour of each session will be a facilitated workshop on a stage of the process and a corresponding technique. The second, optional hour will be open coaching time in which Keller Center Faculty and student leaders will float around and help folks with their work. 
Registration required. {Warning: If you register but decide you cannot make it last-minute, we may ask you to be interviewed by the Tiger Challenge team that is studying the “culture of bailing” at Princeton. :) }

Two times for the same content. The Wednesdays and Fridays are duplicate material. You should sign up either for a given Wednesday or the corresponding Friday. 

What to expect: The first hour of each session will be facilitated. The second hour is optional and will be an open working time with coaches floating around to assist with each participant/team’s work. 

Filming Fridays: the Friday workshops will be filmed. This will allow us to offer this content digitally. All Friday participants will be asked to sign a waiver. 
Open to: all university and non-university community members. Each session has a cap of 25 attendees; priority given to those attending all six in the series.