The Keller Center offers students, faculty, staff, and community members many opportunities to engage with one another; from dynamic large venue lectures, to round-table discussions; from campus specific workshops to open community exchanges. Our mission of education, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship not only reaches outside the classroom; it reaches outside the University gates.


This Keller Center series offers lectures that further our mission of education, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship. We round out the students' Princeton experience by exposing them to those in the forefront of leadership, invention and progress who share with them their stories and insights. We engage the campus community and the community beyond our gates. We provide connections outside the orange bubble and our post-talk receptions facilitate conversations with today’s most current and progressive achievers.


We provide funding, resource support and sponsorship to student organizations and other departments to bring guest to campus who will engage with students and faculty in round-table style or panel formatted events. These guests will have a broad range of backgrounds and concentrations to give students an increased array of reference and exposure.


Working with local entrepreneurs we will bring the campus into the communities with a monthly happy hour style, meet-up eVENT. Each semester we’ll focus our Industry Engage Evening on a different vertical ex: pharma, telecom, high tech or energy. This is a fantastic opportunity for faculty, students, and community members to build strong connections and share valuable tools and skillsets.


Formerly Keller Center's "short courses," we are expanding our popular repertoire of specialty specific workshops related to innovation, design, and entrepreneurship. These workshops are led by Keller Center contacts working directly in each field.

Additionally, we offer many program information sessions, annual, and special eVENTS over the course of the academic year.