International Research Exchange Program (REACH)

Collage of students in REACH program
"Until REACH, I was thinking of going into finance after college. The learning environment at ASTRI opened my eyes and showed me how much I enjoy research. It was a pivotal point in my life where I realized I'm meant for grad school, not industry."
Bulut Cakmak, '19, ORF major

REACH is an International Research Exchange Program for undergraduate engineering students interested in international research opportunities at an academic institution. We partner with universities in Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan to offer students an eight-week hands-on research internship in an international context. Participating students will be immersed in a new culture while working on a research project in their field of study. The program aims to broaden students’ perspectives and enable them to become globally minded researchers and technologists. At least 13 Princeton engineering students will be abroad to participate in this program and in exchange, Princeton will host international engineering students at Princeton during the summer. 


Hong Kong

  • Program Dates: Arrive 14 June, Internship 15 June - 10 August, Checkout 12 August



To See List of Internships:

Princeton students interested in viewing the positions offered for 2018 should visit the Internships page. International students from the partner universities will receive position listings via their home university's representative. 


To read about past experiences of students who have participated in the REACH program, visit the Participants page.

Upcoming Information Sessions (Register Here):

Wednesday, November 29 12:30-1:30, Campus Club - lunch provided

Thursday, December 7 12:30 - 1:30 Campus Club - lunch provided