• Provide mentorship and guidance for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty engaged in making in a variety of academic disciplines.
  • Work with students to help them plan out their projects by giving them advice on tools, project milestones, and potential academic and social impacts of their project.
  • Collaborate with other Makerspaces on campus. In order to ensure that our students are getting the highest quality making education possible, the Graduate Student Educator will be aware of what is going on in other Makerspaces, including what events they are holding and what machinery they use, so that students can be encouraged to utilize those spaces as necessary for their learning and education. This will also involve collaborating on events and training with other Makerspaces on campus.
  • Exhibit excellent interpersonal skills and fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for a diverse group of students and faculty, to ensure that everyone feels welcome and supported in this new space. It is important to the Keller Center that our Makerspace be an inclusive area where anyone with interest in making can learn and work. As a result, the Graduate Student Educator must be dedicated to fostering this environment, and advising all makers on their projects to the best of the Student Educator’s ability.

Skills and qualifications

The ideal Graduate Student Educator: 

  • Has a working knowledge and ability to train others using CAD software.
  • Is able to work a flexible schedule to accommodate students, and would be available from approximately 7 to 10 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, as well as from 11 am to 3 pm on Saturdays.
  • Possesses knowledge and experience with 3D printing, large format printing and PCB/CNC mills, and helping others with these technologies. 
  • Is comfortable utilizing and teaching others the software associated with these technologies.
  • Has proven interpersonal and organizational skills and a high degree of professionalism.
  • Has the ability to think creatively, work independently and function effectively as part of a team.
  • Has experience with and enthusiasm for STEM education/outreach.
  • Has a passion for how making intersects with design, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

About the Keller Center Idea Lab

In fall 2021, the Keller Center will be opening its first open-access Makerspace, the Keller Center Idea Lab. The space will consist of four rooms:

  • one traditional Makerspace
  • one wood shop
  • and two creative classrooms utilized for creative imagination and low-fidelity prototyping.

These spaces are all located in the Engineering Quadrangle H-Wing second floor. With the opening of its first Makerspace, Keller Center has three primary goals in mind:

  1. To create an open and welcoming space for individuals from all levels of making experience, and creating an inclusive community of makers on the Princeton campus.
  2. To encourage Princeton students to use making to illuminate various academic and educational pathways.
  3. To create a making network on the Princeton campus that involves collaboration with various making entities on campus, and encourages students to work outside the normal structures of their academic disciplines.

In staffing the Idea Lab, we hope to hire educational and technical staff who will be stewards of these goals, and help build a community of engaged students eager to explore innovative and exploratory approaches to learning. This position will be part of a group of staff, consisting also of a:

  • Community Administrator, responsible for helping build the Princeton making community, and a
  • Makerspace Technician, responsible for technical maintenance and inventory control.

How to apply

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