EGR 491: High-Tech Entrepreneurship with Chris Kuenne

This hands-on course introduces students to analysis and actions required to launch and commercialize a tech company, through the use of Harvard Business School cases, visits from entrepreneurs, and two "field assignments". You will learn how successful entrepreneurs leverage their personal strengths and those of their team members to craft solutions, understand customer needs, build teams, enlist the support of sponsors, and scale their businesses. Through this lens, you will learn conceptual frameworks and analytical techniques for evaluating technologies, markets, and commercialization strategies for creating and growing enterprise value. Please see the Registrar's page for more information.

Course enrollment is by application only. If you are interested in enrolling in the course, please click on the following link:

Applications are due by 6pm on April 17th, 2019. 

Sample Reading List

  • Chris Kuenne, John Danner, Built for Growth

See instructor for complete list 


Chris Kuenne

Reading/Writing Assignments

Students must read a case study and supplemental readings 30-65 pages per week. For the midterm and final assignments, students select a start-up and interview the founder. The midterm paper is a written analysis of the company, whereas for the final presentation, students must develop a growth initiative and pitch it as if seeking financing. 


  • Paper in Lieu of Mid Term - 25%
  • Design Project - 12%
  • Papers - 8%
  • Oral Presentation(s) - 30%
  • Class/Precept Participation - 25%

Other Requirements

Not Open to First Year Undergraduates.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

Enrollment for the course is by written application. Please see above for application date and further information.

Other Information

The course includes lecture/discussion sessions, readings from articles, classroom discussions of "cases" describing real entrepreneurial situations, and a few visits to class by entrepreneurs to provide current "real world" guidance.