K-12 Computer Science Mentors

In an increasingly digital world, understanding how technology works has become a near-necessity for daily life and a fundamental human right. Yet computer science education is the United States is dramatically understaffed and poorly implemented compared to its STEM counterparts:

-- Only 1/4 of U.S. high schools offer computer science.

-- Only 1/3 of computer science teachers have a degree in CS. Would we accept these conditions in math or science?

The goal of this EPICS project is to support local K-12 computer science teachers (NY, NJ, PA) and investigate how students decide whether to take computer science and how their attitudes towards computer science develop and change.

This project is for anyone interested in education but is most appropriate for students who earned an A- or better in COS 126 or a 5 on the AP Computer Science exam. Special consideration will be given to students pursuing a COS certificate or concentration.

Please contact Dan Leyzberg (dan.leyzberg@princeton.edu) for more information and to enroll.