About the Company

Aidoc develops cutting-edge deep learning technology to augment the radiologist workflow by detecting pathologies in medical images and highlighting the abnormal cases. Aidoc is one of the first companies to receive FDA clearance for an AI solution for radiologists. In less than one year, Aidoc's solutions have already been deployed in over 200 hospitals (Yale, UT, Cedars-Sinai, etc.). Aidoc was named one of Time's
50 genius companies for, together with tech giants such as Amazon, Apple and NetFlix.

Company Industries:
Healthcare & Wellness

Internship Description

AI engineer will be an integral part of developing the company's deep learning engine. Projects are diverse and relate to many domains in AI research and infrastructure. Past projects for example are:

  • Computational runtime library for increased performance of deep learning experiments
  • Mobile application for viewing and annotation of medical images
  • Big-data pipelines for medical data research
  • Algorithm and machine learning research for various products for medical data analysis

Additional Requirements

Technologies: Python or similar language
Qualifications: Development experience, strong analytical skills


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