What are your responsibilities at the Keller Center?

My Keller Center responsibilities include managing the Keller Center makerspace and design lab, maintaining the Keller Center website, and maintaining Keller Center's digital systems (eg. Salesforce, MailChimp, list servs, Concur, Prime, Canvas, etc.).

What attracted you to the Keller Center?

Keller cares about the people it becomes involved with. There is a genuine culture of support and growth that I think can be hard to find in the corporate and academic worlds. I've connected with students, faculty, and other staff on a variety of topics that I never thought I'd be interested in, and I've grown hugely just as a result of working here. At the risk of sounding like a Keller Center plant, this place is just special.

What do you appreciate most about the Keller Center?

The Keller Center is a special place in a lot of respects, but what I appreciate most about it is the commitment to innovation. In a lot of places, innovation is a buzzword. But at Keller, everyone from the faculty to the staff to the students are committed to keeping their minds open to a new way of thinking, to bettering what already exists, and to creating the world we want to live in. That unflagging inspiration and excitement makes Keller an incredible organization to be involved with.