What will students be able to take away from your classes?

Increasingly, students seek ways to live into their values in all aspects of their lives, blending their personal and professional ambitions towards a greater good for society. EGR 250 Studio 2 “Community Project Studios: “Tiger Challenge” class allows students to reflect on, critique, and gain a more profound understanding of many significant societal challenges experienced around the world and explore how their skills, knowledge, and interests can serve a common goal towards positive social impact. The collaboration with community partners working on the front line is key to supporting the students learning and developmental journey as social innovators.

How are you involved with the Keller Center?

As Lecturer on the Tiger Challenge class, I am co-teaching with Jessica Leung, supporting and mentoring students as they design and prototype responses to challenges identified with their community partners. I am a huge advocate for experiential learning and believe that social innovation and social entrepreneurship are subjects best learned through action. I bring almost 30 years of experience working with social innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide to my lectures, sharing insights, perspectives, and techniques to support students’ social innovation journey.

What advice would you have for students about getting involved at the Keller Center?

I have three thoughts for students interested in getting involved with the Keller Center:

  1. Commit to the work. Be present with your community partners and hone a deep appreciation for the knowledge, experience, and skills from various, broad, sometimes unexpected sources.
  2. Be prepared to be uncomfortable. You will not have all the answers, and you may be unable to find the solution. Be ready and willing to feel like you are failing. That is the sweet spot for learning and personal development. And you are not alone in this space!
  3. Be prepared to 100% prioritize how your work in the Tiger Challenge class helps others rather than yourself. Not how does this help my credit, resume, chances for employment later, etc. While those are all important and valuable, having a "service to others" approach will allow you to explore the challenges and identify your best contribution to impact.