I am a physician-scientist with a career in biopharmaceuticals. This includes leadership positions in startups to Fortune 100 companies. I have served at Roche, Merck, Pharmacia, Pfizer, PTC Therapeutics, and Follica. I helped lead the development of marketed therapeutics, including SUTENT® , CANCIDAS®, CRIXIVAN® and TRANSLARNA™. Before entering industry, I was a senior staff fellow in the Laboratory of Cellular Oncology headed by Dr. Douglas Lowy at the National Cancer Institute. I obtained my M.D. at the University of Pennsylvania and my A.B. at Princeton. I am currently president of the nonprofit Advancing Innovation in Dermatology.

What first attracted you to the Keller Center?

I was introduced to the Keller Center by Dr. Mung Chiang, who was a former director of the Center and the Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. Mung and I co-founded EdWiser, Inc., which is now known as Zoomi, Inc.

What do you appreciate most about the Keller Center?

Keller Center presents a tremendous opportunity for students to explore and have hands-on experience in the areas of innovation and/or entrepreneurship.

What advice would you have for students about getting involved at the Keller Center?

If you have any interest in entrepreneurship or product innovation, Keller Center will give you a meaningful way to find out more. If you like it, the Center can provide you with the skills and resources to productively test and advance your idea.