Keller Center is pleased to announce four new Tiger Challenge projects that will begin in June 2019. An interdisciplinary team of five Princeton students and a faculty adviser will work with nonprofit or government partners on each social innovation challenge over multiple years. The four challenges, below, span social justice, environmental sustainability, and health and wellbeing. Students of all years and experience levels are encouraged to apply: the best teams draw upon a mix of departments and class years!

The Dignity and Debt Challenge
Faculty Adviser: Prof. Frederick Wherry
Community Partners:
Question: How might we help make the debt collection ecosystem more humane?

The Climate Change Vulnerabilities Challenge
Faculty Adviser: Prof. Sigrid Adriaenssens​
Community Partner(s): Princeton Municipality; Sustainable Princeton
Question: How might we help local governments prepare for a changing climate and more severe storms that put vulnerable populations and infrastructure at risk?

The Farmers and Food System Challenge
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Tessa Desmond
Community Partner(s): Northeast Organic Farmers Association-NJ; Princeton Municipality
Question: How might we help create a more localized food system by improving the economics and sustainability of local farming?

The Humane Access to Healthcare Challenge
Faculty Adviser(s): Dr. Yi-Ching Ong; Prof. João Biehl​
Community Partner(s): Jefferson Medical School Health Design Lab
Question: How might we help reshape how high-quality healthcare is accessed, and by whom?
Note: This team will be based in Philadelphia in Summer 2019

In addition to announcing the four challenges, the Keller Center is pleased to announce two exciting developments for the Tiger Challenge program:

Three of the four projects above are in partnership with Pace Center’s Service Focus program. Members of the Class of 2022 who participate in Tiger Challenge are encouraged to enroll in Service Focus for a rich social impact experience

The academic year(s) following the summer immersive experience will be part of the new Keller Center Community Project Studios (formerly EPICS). Teams will receive substantial support (and academic credit) while developing their social innovations through running a pilot along with a pilot study in the forthcoming academic years


Nuts and Bolts:

  • Applications are due at 11:59pm on Sunday, April 14.
  • Application link:​
  • Students of all years and departments (grad and undergrad) are encouraged to apply.
  • Social innovation requires time and dedication; thus, the program extends beyond just a summer in order to support teams achieving their desired impacts. The Tiger Challenge has three phases:
    • Contextualization: 10 weeks in Summer 2019
      • The immersive summer experience in which teams gain a deep grounding and understanding of the complexities of each challenge by immersing in communities, spending time with stakeholders of the challenge, and reviewing literature and prior work
      • Includes $5k stipend per person and housing
      • Full-time for ten weeks
    • Conceptualization: Academic Year 2019-2020
      • The Community Project Studio course, in which teams develop and a prototype novel, bold, and feasible innovation that could make a difference in partner communities
      • A full-year counts as one course
      • Expectations are aligned with half a course per semester
    • Implementation: Either Summer 2020 or Academic Year 2020-2021
      • Running a sustained pilot or MVP of the innovation alongside an impact evaluation, studying the intended and unintended impacts
      • Support and structure is flexible and could include funding, academic credit, and/or independent work (JPs, Theses, or Graduate publications)

For questions about the projects or application, please reach out to Program Administrator Kristin Hauge ‘18 or Program Manager Rafe Steinhauer ‘07