Summer Internships

To learn more about each of the Keller Center's internship programs, visit the links below to read a brief description of each program. On each page you will find relevant internship listings as well as testimonials from past interns. Please be sure to read the internship FAQ before starting the application process.

Also, meet fellow students who will share their internship experiences through informal convesations at the upcoming Internship Information Sessions held from 12:30-1:30 at the Campus Club:

Thursday, Oct 15th, Thursday Nov 12th, Thursday Dec 3


Please note that all internship positions listed within are open only to students who are currently enrolled at Princeton University.


The Princeton Start-Up Immersion Program (PSIP) is Keller Center's newest internship program, to be piloted in NYC in the summer of 2016. PSIP places some of Princeton’s most promising students into high-impact internships at start-up companies. But it also builds a powerful community. Students participating in the summer-long program live together in a Princeton-sponsored residential complex, work at a start-up, visit each other's employers and take advantage of many educational enrichment and mentoring opportunities. Companies participating in the program benefit from top talent while gaining exposure to a broad pool of prospective employees and colleagues/peers at other start-ups. The selection process for this program is highly competitive. Sophomores and juniors from all majors and departments are encouraged to apply for this new and exciting program.


REACH is an International Research Exchange Program. Princeton University partners with three German Ruhr universities: Ruhr University Bochum, University of Duisburg-Essen and TU Dortmund. Also part of the REACH program are the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and the Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), a Hong Kong government sponsored research center. Find about more about the HKUST program here. The mission of the REACH program is to offer students on both sides an eight-week, hands-on research internship in an international context. Participating students will be immersed in a new culture while working on a research project in their field of study. The program aims to broaden students' perspectives and enable them to become globally minded researchers and technologists. 


The Ruhr Fellowship Program connects highly motivated students in the United States with a unique experience to expand their portfolio and networks to one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced areas in Germany. As Germany's "Cradle of Industry", the Ruhr Area has come to represent creativity and innovation with its internationally renowned companies, universities and research institutes. Over the course of two months, you will get to know the German higher educational system through a one-month culture and leadership program as well as the German work environment in a challenging one-month internship with one of the leading German companies and roundtable discussions with executives representing a variety of German global players. Watch a promo video here. Please note that the deadline to apply for the Ruhr Fellowship Program is December 4, 2015.