Princeton Start-Up Immersion Program (PSIP) – Israel




PSIP-Israel is a 10-week immersive entrepreneurial and cultural learning experience for students interested in gaining first-hand knowledge of the world of emerging businesses through internships at early-stage startups in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Known as the “Start-Up Nation”, Israel is home to young entrepreneurs driven by passion for success. Tel Aviv is ideal for students seeking hands-on experience and looking to be exposed to the next “Big Idea”. PSIP-Israel partner startup hosts are carefully selected for their desire to offer strong mentorship and provide meaningful and impactful projects in which students can gain first-hand experience in the world of startups. 


  • Provides students with real-world experience in entrepreneurship

  • Immerses students in Israel’s innovative and entrepreneurial climate

  • Connects the full pool of PSIP students and startup hosts to form a strong and lasting community

  • Provides students the opportunity to live together as a cohort in Princeton-sponsored housing to form a community of peers who will share a summer of life-changing experiences

  • Provides flight and basic expense stipends.

To Apply:

  1. Read through the list of internship positions. Students may apply to a maximum of two PSIP-Israel internship positions. PSIP-NYC applicants may NOT apply to PSIP-Israel.
  2. Each application requires the submission of a challenge puzzle. The puzzle is intended for the startups to assess your problem solving skills, creativity, and your entrepreneurial perspective. You in turn, will gain an idea for the types of cool projects that you could engage in at the startup.  
  3. Apply to the internship by clicking on the Apply button on the Opportunities page.
  4. Deadline for applications is December 2, 2016, 5:00 PM.


Juniors, sophomores and graduate students from All Majors are encouraged to apply. Additional requirements may be specified by the individual startup.

Click here for the list of 2017 internship opportunities with Tel Aviv startups.

Click here for the academic enrichment program.

Click here for the cultural and social enrichment program.