• Mung.jpg

    Mung Chiang

    Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical Engineering

    Director Keller Center

    Office: ACE21 Engineering Quadrangle

    Phone: 609-258-5071


  • Klagkqo1zay1gri8gl0onuzfyj78td7.png

    Jay Benziger

    Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Office: A407 Engineering Quad

    Phone: 609-258-5416

  • Littmanmaeweb.jpg

    Michael Littman

    Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace


    Office: D202A Engineering Quad D-Wing

    Phone: 609-258-5198

  • Lyon.png

    Stephen Lyon

    Professor of Electrical Engineering

    Director, Program in Engineering Physics

    Office: B428 Engineering Quad B-Wing

    Phone: 609-258-4635


Technology & Society

  • Betsyarmstrong.jpg

    Elizabeth Armstrong

    Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs,

    Woodrow Wilson School

    Office: 253 Wallace Hall

    Phone: 609-258-6981

  • A-creager.jpg

    Angela Creager

    Philip and Beulah Rollins Professor of History

    Office: 125 Dickinson Hall

    Phone: 609-258-1680

  • 1vw3erlzx9fcaczfrxj3mmsi7v8oco0.png

    Michael Gordin

    Professor of History

    Office: 305 Dickinson Hall

    Phone: 609-258-8095

  • Image001.jpg

    Sharad Malik

    Professor of Electrical Engineering

    Office: B212 Engineering Quadrangle

    Phone: 609-258-4625

  • lauren-senesac.png

    Lauren Senesac

  • janet_vertesi.jpg

    Janet Vertesi

    Assistant Professor of Sociology

Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking