Adam Klosowiak '15 started his first company KLOS Guitars in 2015 and ran it for nearly five years prior to starting his second company Skill Board. In this session, Adam will discuss how to analyze the process of creating a company, digesting and understanding the ups and downs, and how to apply that learning to founding again. Both companies are in the eCommerce and physical product space and cover a variety of sales channels ranging from crowdfunding to eCommerce to brick and mortar retail. 

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Speaker Bio

Adam Klosowiak '15 studied electrical engineering at Princeton. While in his spring semester his senior year, he started KLOS Guitars, which makes carbon fiber instruments that are durable and great for traveling. Following graduation and completion of the eLab summer accelerator program, Adam did an English teaching Fulbright in Austria for a year while continuing to build KLOS Guitars on the side. He then worked for the management consulting company strategy for a year, at which point he then decided to go full time with KLOS Guitars and moved to Utah to build the company. Three years later in 2020, KLOS Guitars has now shipped over 6000 instruments to over 80 countries and al 50 states. In December of 2019, Adam started his second company, Skill Board, which makes game changing balance boards that challenge your balance in a 360 degree range of motion. He is now still fervently working on building both brands while also pursuing many hobbies in the outdoors including hiking, rock climbing, skiing and biking. 

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Open to graduate students, undergraduates, postdocs, research scholars, faculty, staff, and alumni.

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