Our Mission

The Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education equips undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty with the knowledge, mentoring and resources needed to conceive and execute projects of personal and societal impact.

Keller does so by offering educational opportunities that bridge engineering and the liberal arts and help shape rewarding career paths. This includes curricular and co-curricular programs organized around design, design thinking, entrepreneurship and innovative teaching, at the intersection of technology and society.

Our Vision

The Keller Center is based in Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science and shares the school's vision for bridging disciplines to ensure that all students are prepared to put science and technology to use in solving critical societal challenges. The Keller Center thus serves as a hub, connecting students, in engineering, the humanities, arts, social sciences and natural sciences with each other, as well as connecting them with the broader campus community and beyond.



Entrepreneurship is identifying a problem and having the motivation or desire to solve it. Our classes and programs give students the mindset and skills to make positive social, economic, and cultural impact. Our students go on to contribute to the common good through entrepreneurial service and global leadership.

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Design & Design Thinking

Design thinking is an innovation process. It is used to creatively address human needs as constrained by real world complexities. Our courses and programs amplify the impact of Princetonians from all disciplines and backgrounds.


Innovative Education

We are changing the way students are introduced to engineering and to the technology/society interface. Our innovative engineering curriculum integrates math, physics, and practical labs while focusing on modern engineering challenges. Our interdisciplinary courses span entrepreneurship, engineering, design, the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.


Societal Impact

Our classes and programs give students the skills and confidence to tackle the incredibly challenging problems facing humanity.