The Faith & Work Initiative (FWI) is a thought leader in the growing conversation on campus and beyond about the creative role that various faith traditions might have in how we approach our work, the values we bring to our work, and the practical resources they provide for dealing with complex human and organizational issues. FWI explores these and related issues with students, business leaders, and the wider international scholarly community.

Entrepreneurs and others in the marketplace often face ethical dilemmas at the personal, organizational, and societal levels. Sometimes there is a tension between one’s personal values and organizational/societal values. We want to be successful, but how do we measure success? We want our work and careers to have a positive societal impact but how do we do that when financial, marketplace, and other pressures tempt us to compromise our vision?

FWI draws on the insights and lessons of ancient wisdom traditions to provide fresh and creative insights and lessons into the challenges facing students, entrepreneurs, and others in the marketplace. We also have a transdisciplinary mindset that incorporates resources found not just in religious traditions, but in other fields such as philosophy, sociology, history, management, and economics.

We foster an intellectual and practical environment that encourages respectful dialogue, creative thinking, and an innovative spirit that cultivates diversity of thought, faith perspectives, and practical resources. Grounded in rigorous academic thought, we explore these and other related questions through our teaching and lectures, engagement with corporate leaders, and contributing thought leadership in the public square. 

What questions do you have? What’s your story? We look forward to you joining our conversations!

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David Miller
Director, Faith and Work Initiative; Senior Professional Specialist, and Lecturer
Michael Thate
Research Scholar for Responsible Tech, Innovation, and Policy/Lecturer
Susan Richardson
Manager, Communications and Operations, Lecturer/Preceptor